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Garry might have a liking towards sweets, as he mentions macarons when speaking to Ib. She seems to be shown with not much emotion, but kouri has drawn some of Ib's reactions to things. Ib is a young girl with brown hair and red eyes. Please send all messages addressed to the mod to her personal account. The screen will then turn black as Mary asks Ib if they can play and be together forever. A blog dedicated to the amazing horror game created by the Japanese artist Kouri. Ib wondering what gift she'll receive for Christmas. After Ib retrieves the Blue Rose, heals it, and gives it to Garry, he will join Ib's party. She tries to stab them, but in self-defense Garry burns Mary's painting, killing her. He particularly has a distaste for the blue "disturbing" dolls. Depending on Ib's actions afterwards, the player may receive either the Forgotten Portrait ending, the Ib All Alone ending, or the Together, Forever ending. Garry will walk towards Ib to return her rose to her. When talking to Ib, however, he is kind to her from the first moment they introduce themselves to each other. After Ib climbs up the stairs, she can hear Mary saying something about blue petals. TBT to when I was addicted to this game and played it like everyday. After he joins Ib's party, Garry aids Ib by clarifying words she does not know, protecting her, and often providing commentary. Ib must agree with Garry by saying "Yes.". Most of the time, she seems to have an unusual mental immunity to surreal events that would normally result in trauma. Not much is known about Garry, as he doesn't reveal much about himself throughout the game. A young girl who becomes trapped in Guertena's World when she was in a trip to the museum with her parents. Also, if Garry is driven insane in the Doll Room, she will hug him if she's able to restore his sanity. They are strangers to each other, and his opinion of Mary isn't easily explored in the short time she travels with Ib and Garry. They have a small talk and Garry subconsciously call Ib by name, much to his surprise, seeing as he believes he's never met her before. Add to library Discussion 15. Ib can talk with Garry again under the fake sunlight in the Sketchbook area. Ib and Garry part ways, but they promise to stay in contact. /Sachiko . As Ib keeps going through the cursed gallery, she will find Garry, collapsed on the ground and appearing to be in pain, yet holding onto a Small Key tight in his hand. When the Blue Rose is in Mary's hands, Mary will run away, laughing. Garry tripping over the congested eye and dropping his. Ib, at first, is glad to meet Mary so she can continue the search for a way out together. ", In a private e-mail, kouri has stated that it was always intended for Ib's name to be pronounced "Ib" rather than "Eve. Ib and her father seem to be on relatively good terms, especially since kouri has drawn them together multiple times. Her rose is red and is symbolic for love and compassion, according to flower language. When Ib returns to Garry, he can be found lying against the wall. Ib is too young to realize what happened to Garry and believes him to be sleeping. Another theory why Garry's rose is blue due to his personality. He seems to become very aware of the danger Mary poses in general, likely because he is mature and aware of such dangers. Depending on whether you're geared towards the best ending or the worst ending, Garry will either trade his rose for Ib's (and subsequently die) or he will insist on going up the stairs into the hallway of Mary's painting. Succeeding in the Doll Room leads him up the stairs to later regroup with Ib and Mary, while failing the event causes him to hallucinate and talk to himself. What happens, when the one your life has been built with, forgets all about you? Mary starts crying for Ib, Garry and her "father" (implied to be Guertena) as everything fades to black. As the game progresses, Garry can go to extreme measures to protect Ib, even to the point of risking his life Garry is the only one who possesses a blue rose in the game. The rose is linked to her life, and if it dies, so does she. If the petals of her rose are seen above Ib, they will lead to the rose. Ib curiously reaching towards a fish head painting. If Ib's bond with Garry is high enough, and Ib gives Garry her handkerchief, Garry will remember Ib after escaping the cursed gallery; and Ib will received the ending Promise of Reunion. Engine Gender: Male Age: Unknown (Seems to be in his late teens to early twenties) This ending is one of two endings that includes a picture, the other one being. She finds herself in an empty version of the museum, but finds out she can't leave. Red leaks from the windows, cracks form in the walls and blue paint starts leaking and the place gradually darkens until it's pitch black. She's very odd and childish and carries around a fake yellow rose. Mary: I dunno … uh … just follow my imagination. If Ib chooses to go with her fake mother, the result will be the Ib All Alone ending. When Ib wakes up, Garry asks if she is okay and, depending upon Ib's answer, gives her a piece of lemon candy from his coat pocket. The game follows a young girl named Ib on a visit with her parents to an art museum, which soon takes a twisted turn as the lights go out and the famous Guertena's exotic pieces of art become all too life-like. The Pink House will bring her back to the cursed art gallery. A scrapped concept design of Garry; kouri claimed that his pink hair would have made him stand out more than Ib. At times, Ib may be quite scared of Mary, especially in the bad endings. Ib's Mother • Ib's Father • Guertena Weiss •, Mary ❀ Claws • Headless Statue • The Lady in Red • The Lady in Blue • The Lady in Yellow • The Lady in Green • Blue Doll • Red Eyes • Fake Mother • Fake Garry • Mistake • Naked Woman • Liars • Spitting Painting •, Ib and Garry looking at their reflection in a, Ib and Garry viewing their reflections in a mirror, with an unexpected, Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at. However, he will notice that Ib looks pale and ask if she really is OK. Garry will then discover that Ib's rose is missing and will insist that they look for it. Mary winning the Ib and Mary plush dolls from a claw machine. However, she should not take it. Mary is a young blonde girl found by Garry and Ib, who joins them in their escape from Guertena's World. Mary tampering with Garry's hair (2013 New Year). The health meter is conformed by a rose with a certain number of petals (5 for Ib, 10 for Garry). If Ib approaches Garry after his death, Ib will think that he is "sleeping." Wiki Link Garry's facial features are relatively androgynous, and he speaks in lavender linguistics, a very feminine speech pattern typical of some gay men in Japan. By: Sachiko Kishinuma. Mary will then appear behind the pair and push them into the box. If the bond reaches eight points, Ib will be able to give him her precious handkerchief when he cuts his hand. Obstacles come in the forms of blocked paths, which the player must somehow overcome and cross, and enemies and traps which deplete the player character's health. When you spend a lifetime together, you build many memories. DebatesJungle Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. After Ib retrieves the Blue Rose, heals it, and gives it to Garry, he will join Ib's party. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her mother complies under the condition that Ib doesn't get herself into trouble. He wears a long, dark blue, tattered coat that he claims to be "fashionable." Garry's gentler side grows as he spends more time with Ib. Apparently Garry is not very conscious of his own speech, and by the time he noticed he had just ended up with this way of talking. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Like Ib, Garry has a rose that represents his life, and as it wilts, so does Garry. After arriving in the area with the Pink House, Ib should take the northern path to reach a white house in the next area. Garry (ギャリー Gyarī) is the deuteragonist of the game Ib and the first character to join Ib on her quest to escape the Fabricated World. While Garry is often assumed to be an adult by fans, this is a common misconception - his official age nor birthday are never stated by creator Kouri or within the games' script. Unlike Garry's rose, her rose has only five petals. She longs to escape Guertena's world and finds that it isn't possible unless she takes the place of a human in the real world. ", Her name may also be the short form of/based on the Japanese word "ibara," which translates to "thorn." Horror, Puzzle Ib should pick up the Pink Key first. He will do much to protect her, even saving her when she faints, and later giving her a piece of candy to lighten her spirits. Her hair is a dull chestnut brown, parted into fringed bangs across her forehead, with the rest worn long and down her back. Garry becomes increasingly annoyed by this, and you have the option of either having him set it aside or kick it. When the lights go out, Ib's parents, along with everybody else in the art gallery, disappear. Ib will look back at the painting once more before leaving the room. While looking around, she finds herself stuck in a strange, surreal world where the art has come to life. When Ib and Mary find Garry, they realize he's lost his mind. Ib and Mary from the game: Ib. Her hair is a dull chestnut brown, parted into fringed bangs across her forehead with the rest worn long and down her back. Sometime later, Mary introduces Ib and Garry (who are both unconscious and their roses withering) to the other paintings. Her attire is very similar to a school uniform. Garry is more easily startled in comparison to Ib by the events of the game. In a conversation with Garry in the Safe Room, when he compliments Ib's high-quality clothing that she is wearing, Ib states her mother picked it out for her. She is also very sensitive to others, as she felt sorry for Mary when she had to leave her behind. Personal Blog, Hey, it’s been so long after the last time I uploaded something, Here, an old fandom - since 2012, but it will remain green forever, Ib: the painting “Goodbye” as described in the end of Sacrifice Ending (Ib Green Edition) -  After exploring a bit, she eventually finds the Red Rose. Garry then proceeds to collect the seven balls of paint needed for Ib to retrieve the brown key at an upper level. kouri Garry is very important to Ib, which is proven by bond point system. --- 1 year ago. There are tears in her eyes but a small smile on her face.”. He disappears along with everybody else when the lights go out. Powers and Stats. Ask Ib and Garry, the two victims of the events that take place in the horror RPG Ib. Garry and Ib encountering the red skull of. Weakened Ib - discarded concept (menu image changes every time her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At one point, her inability to read certain words is used to censor some naughty words in, Ib looks braver than Garry due to her innocent behavior, which is caused by the naïvety of her age. Garry is very kind to Ib and watches over her while they're trapped together, acting like her guardian. Welcome Welcome to the Ib Wiki, dedicated to providing information related to Ib, a horror game created by kouri with the RPG Maker 2000 engine. . Garry will assure Ib that she did not do anything wrong and state that they will have to catch Mary to take his rose back. Garry then proceeds to collect the seven balls of paint needed for Ib to retrieve the brown key at an upper level. After some exploring, Ib will find the Lady in Blue tearing apart a blue rose. What's worse, Ib's life is now linked to that of a red rose she picks up, and if all the petals fall she will die.Luckily, Ib finds friends along her journey. Since Garry, just like Ib, is connected to a rose, nothing will help him until Ib heals his rose. Succeeding in the Doll Room leads him up the stairs to later regroup with Ib and Mary, while failing the event causes him to hallucinate and talk to himself. If Ib sleeps on the Final Stage, Ib will recall her mother giving her a handkerchief for her ninth birthday. Mary also dislikes adults and therefore becomes very attached to Ib while being dismissive of Garry. In the Safe Room, Garry compliments her fashion sense. “ The four leave the museum together. Garry and Ib wearing yukata for the 2013 New Year. Garry seems pretty friendly, although a little shy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She can't read certain words in the gallery and doesn't understand much of what is going on, although she is aware of the concept of danger. They are a man named Garry whom she saves, and a girl about her own age named Mary whom they bump into later, both of whom have roses of their own. Ib Ib and Garry enter the Sketchbook and confront Mary. https://ibgame.fandom.com/wiki/Together,_Forever?oldid=20396. If Ib approaches Garry after his death, Ib will think that he is "sleeping." She, along with Garry and Mary (v1.04), is one of the few characters that the player can control. When Ib and Garry are inside, Ib should walk towards the Toy Box. He asks Ib if she would like to go get some with him if they manage to escape, and then corrects himself and tells her that they, Garry has a lighter with him for unknown reasons. All the recent updates for Garry. Garry's survival depends on the ending. For example, in any of the endings in which Garry dies, Ib, upon seeing his body, will think that he is sleeping.

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