bernard alane une nounou d'enfer

Fran suggests that Maggie might go to a kibbutz in Israel for the summer instead of a convent. tries to cope with Maxwell's apparent preference for Fran over her. When Sylvia decides to have plastic surgery on her arms, the doctor tells her it's normal at a certain age for body parts to grow. The entire city thinks she's a jinx and she decides to prove him wrong. have to go on a business trip. Just a few moments before the wedding, Maxwell's sister Jocelyn tells Fran that the social differences between she and Maxwell will ruin their marriage as it did to hers. She gets a cortisone shot from an inexperienced doctor, which makes Fran swells like a balloon. Meanwhile, Sylvia has problems accepting her soon-to-be stepfather. Fran screwed up with Elton John, and Brighton won a radio contest and the prize is that a film crew is coming to his house for a music video. But Fran somehow enters the game and manages to win! Sylvia goes to her dressing room and finds Fran crying on the couch. Unbelievably, Val is the one that opens her eyes to what's happening and how it is better for Fran to sign it. So to make things up, he hires her as the costumer for his next play. But during her cousin's wedding - where she was a bridesmaid - Fran discovers that Mr. Sylvia decides to invest in a condo in Boca. Maggie is upset when Fran inherits a mink coat. She also thinks that Mr. Sheffield needs a change in his life. How surprised is Fran when the case is about a woman who chopped off her boss's hair just because he told her he loved her then took it back. Fran goes to court, but Mr. Sheffield shows up in the last minute to help her from her senile lawyer, Uncle Mannie. Later she realizes it was all a plan of his to make her get over her trauma. Microsoft est susceptible de recevoir des commissions si vous réalisez un achat après avoir cliqué sur un lien de cet article. Meanwhile, Niles is addicted to gambling. Fran and C.C. On a ski trip to Aspen, the Sheffields accept a dinner invitation from the President. Fran's been going out with a rich, handsome Jewish doctor named Julius Kimble. Fran gets a date with a guy named Tony Tattori, who later she discovers to be on the mob. offers herself to marry Maxwell, but his love for Fran is beyond money. and Gracie have to drive to Boston in a snowstorm. The idea of dating a blind man sounds nice to Fran, since it'll serve as a proof that she isn't just a pretty face. He's Jewish, he's a doctor, he's rich, he's everything Fran ever dreamed of in a man. Trying not to be affected by all the negativity, Fran discusses with Maxwell the little things of life as a couple - which side of the bed they sleep on, what to do on the weekends, and how many children they'll have. Fran, Val and Ms. Babcock decide to go out together on a ""girls night"", with no pressure to find a man, but after Val and C.C. Fran tries to produce a play written by a friend of Niles and he confesses his love for C.C. The night of Mona's goodbye party, Fran gets drunk and staggers into Maxwell's bed. Maxwell gives C.C. Dr. Miller says Fran is upset because she is thinking of Maxwell as her husband, not as her employer. encourages Grace to go on a playdate with a critic's son in order to get him to like Maxwell's new show, but problems arise after Fran hits the obnoxious child with a baguette. They have to find a rapper and Fran gets Sammy's grandson, who is a gift wrapper instead. Back at home, both Mr. Sheffield and Fran complain about the lack of single attractive people for them to date. But things go back to normal between C.C. After C.C. » Babcock, associée de Maxwell, éternellement amoureuse de ce dernierNicholle Tom (VF : Claire Guyot) : Margaret « Maggie » Sheffield, fille aînée de MaxwellBenjamin Salisbury (VF : Christophe Lemoine) : Brighton Sheffield, fils de MaxwellMadeline Zima (VF : Magali Barney) : Grace « Gracie » Sheffield, fille cadette de Maxwell Bernard Alane (né Bernard Noël Vetel le 25 décembre 1948 à Paris 15e1) est un acteur et chanteur français très présent dans le doublage. Fran runs onto Mr. Sheffield's plane with his bag and ends up having to go to Paris with him. Gracie's Red Robin troop goes to Grandma Yetta's retirement home to "adopt" a grandparent. Doubtful, Fran goes to Sylvia to ask her about the day she was born, and finds out the story might be true after Sylvia says she left her for a moment while chasing for food. They finally realize they love each other and call the wedding back on. On the flight back as the plane is plummeting down he tells Fran that he loves her. Maxwell hears Niles singing and asks him to sing for his backers' audition. Twitter et Facebook défendent leur impartialité politique au Sénat. Brighton wants to go to Atlantic City and his father is totally against it. has to move to LA. Fran decides then to do her own decoration, and Maxwell loves it. Maxwell decides to shop for a new ring for Fran, and Sylvia asks them to go to their uncle Stanley's, because he is family. Maman au foyer depuis 8 ans, j'ai choisi de me reconvertir en assistante maternel agréé par passion des enfants <3 Fran meets an incredible man at a singles bar. She returns home early to find a lonely Maxwell, who later takes the entire family on a cruise around the Greek Islands. After winning the Tony Award for play of the year - for ""The Widower"", beating his lifetime rival, Andrew Lloyd Webber - a tabloid starts to publish fake stories about Mr. Sheffield and Fran having an affair since Maxwell's honeymoon. The first does happen, but the second hits a snag when C.C. He decides to get back at her and allies with C.C. misses an incredible opportunity of dinner with Max when she falls asleep (the result of a caffeine trick Niles pulled on her). Everyone blames Sylvia and Fran for it, and they start to be ignored at temple. Fran takes him to Yetta's retirement home and while entertaining the elderly with his piano skills, one senior collapses and dies in front of the kid. Now Fran has to make things up to Mr. Sheffield, and in order to do so, she comes up with the idea of selling fake moles on the internet with Margo. Fran and Maxwell have a fight over it, and they end up calling the wedding off, until C.C. Maggie receives a party invitation so Fran takes her to her favorite beauty salon. Sylvia, though, is still taken as hostage, but the kidnapper is arrested afte. C.C. Énurésie secondaire : pourquoi mon enfant se remet à faire pipi au lit ? The only way Fran can turn this around is if she convinces Freida's rich boyfriend Fred to propose to her. First, Sylvia is celebrating her "50th" birthday at the Sheffield house (obviously the umpteenth times she's celebrated her 50th), with Fran throwing her a not so surprise party. Grace wants to enter the pageant with Fran, which Maxwell thinks not a good idea since he believes Grace will ultimately grieve the loss of Sara again. While trying to learn to live together Fran agrees to be less forward if Maxwell will learn to be less uptight. Meanwhile, Brighton steals Maggie's diary and makes her his personal slave until Fran comes up with something that will get her out of that situation. tries to bond with the children, Gracie runs away to Fran's parents' house. Maxwell draws up a will which states that Fran will remain nanny in the event of his death. She's terrified with a weird rash that appeared all over her body, and rushes to the hospital after Mr. Sheffield decides to take her up to a room for their first intimate night together. Fran and Val visit the studios, where they run across some of their favorite celebrities. Hurt and afraid she might not be good enough for Maxwell, she goes to the park and meets a homeless man. Niles has to pose as Fran's husband when her relatives comes to visit. Fran attends her high school reunion and is surprised to see that all her old friends are getting divorced, while she's the only one getting engaged. Une nounou d'enfer - Je vais la tuer - Passage Culte by taupinette54. C.C. Brighton faints while filming Fran's cousin's bris and Fran sends it to Hollywood. Fran is so upset with the thought of Heather in the house that she is fired from the show and returns to NY to get her job back. Ajoutez "Une nounou d'enfer" à vos fivorites et obtenez des suggestions personnalisées ! A gifted 10 year old pianist, son of a big time investor, wins the auction and gets to have Fran as his babysitter for 5,000 dollars. When she finally does, Tasha is so interested in reaching out and listening to what the people have to say that she actually hangs out with Fran. month visits . But the real push is given by Mr. Sheffield who assures her she can't do it. Maxwell asks Fran to marry him so he can be forgiven, but she says no to it because she doesn't want to marry a man out of guilt. An valuable Shakespearian document is taken from Fran when she is mugged in New York's Central Park. Afraid his grandmother (who's in town visiting), might judge him and remove him from her will, Mr. Sheffield does nothing, so Fran quits. Scared to death that her life might be in jeopardy, Fran doesn't have the guts to break up with him, and Mr. Sheffield decides to do it for her. Fran is shocked to learn that her biggest rival, Heather Biblow (who stole her fiancé and her job) is starring on her favorite soap opera, ""The Young and the Restless"". C.C. On their way to help at a homeless shelter a gust of wind whisks Fran, Brighton, and Chester to the North Pole where they meet Santa Claus, who looks a lot like Mr. Sheffield, and learn that Santa might not make it this year because of an entity called the Amazing Babcock. Fran goes to Maggie's school to have a word with her Philosophy teacher and ends up developing a crush on him. After a romantic afternoon together, Max and Fran go back to the hotel and almost sleep together, if it wasn't for him backing out in the last minute. Fran gets fired and is replaced by a retired couple from Florida. He slips and falls, with no recollection of what happened. She thinks he doesn't trust her and/or doesn't have faith their marriage will last forever. In one hand she has the man she really loves, who hasn't made a move in 3 years. The plane goes through heavy turbulence, and upon the threat of a disaster Maxwell opens his heart and tells Fran he loves her. She reveals to Fran that deep down she doesn't hate Niles as much as it seems. A hurricane hits the island, making Fran's dream vacations a living hell. serie drole qui remonte toujours le morale par sa fraîcheur et des répliques, La madeleine de proust de mon enfance que je ne me lasse pas de revoir quand c'est rediffusé, Fran Fine is my spirit animal Maxwell is outraged at his father's selfishness during dinner, while Fran keeps wondering why can't Maxwell act more like his father and marry the help. Fran decides to stop chasing men like Dr. Miller told her. FICHE TECHNIQUE Titre Original : THE NANNY Années de Production : 1993-1999 Chaîne de Diffusion US : CBS Chaîne de Diffusion FR : M6 Créé par : Peter Marc Jacobson & Fran Drescher Genre : Comédie (Sitcom) Nombre d'épisodes : 146 (6 saisons) Once again, Mr. Sheffield and Fran find themselves alone, comforting each other. Fran invites her cousin Sheila over to help her, and Sheila proposes a special aphrodisiac decoration to give Fran a little push in conquering Maxwell's heart. After Fran lends a college buddy of Maxwell's $1 million, she hears that he is broke and has been swindling others. After having to ask Maggie for her approval, Fran starts dating the gorgeous Jewish bachelor, which, of course, upsets Mr. Sheffield (who won't do anything regarding his true feelings towards Fran). Pressured by his family, Maxwell wants Fran to sign a pre-nup, which upsets her. Maggie is very upset about it, and won't believe it's not true. La nounou en question, c’est Fran Fine (Fran Drescher), une jeune femme un peu paumée et vulgaire, qui débarquait dans la maison cossue de Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), célèbre producteur de comédies musicales. Fran must decide between the Sheffields and her old boy friend that proposes. After watching Tasha's (a new female rock star) video on MTV, Fran decides to write lyrics of her own about her misery and suffering and make it big on showbiz. Back at the country club, Fran and Grace complete the pageant with a duet as their talent, placing them first runner-up, not behind Bobbi Jo and Betty Jo, but Patti LaBelle and her daughter. Fran doesn't show up at the altar, leaving everybody apprehensive about what happened to her. Niles approaches Fran and she thinks Niles is about to murder her. Fran's blood test needed to get some antibiotics have some wonderful results. Fran decides to go after him and take advantage of the romantic scenario to solve their situation once and for all. At the ceremony, Ms. Babcock tries to give it one last shot and pretends being the bride, but it doesn't work. Meanwhile, Fran is being audited for her taxes, and not even flirting and champagne can help her out. Afraid the same thing will happen to her, Fran stands up for herself and imposes Mr. Sheffield to do something. Fred has another heart attack, but this time everything ends up just fine. While excited about celebrating her first Hanukkah with her new husband and family, Maxwell, C.C. They chat, order some food, and the kidnapper even acts as mediator between Fran and Mr. Sheffield (who messed things up with Fran with a Valentine's Day faux pas). Fran decides to spend her holidays away with Val, but this time just the two of them, no Mr. Sheffield, no kids, nobody but the two single gals. accidentally gets trapped in Maxwell's wine cellar. Fran finds herself torn between being nanny and wife. Grace, the youngest, has invented an imaginary friend, Imogene. Fran, of course, faces that as another opportunity for romance with Mr. Sheffield, so she arranges the whole family to go on a trip to the Bermudas, where she can put on a tiny bikini and reveal where her tattoo is. points out that Andrew Lloyd Weber was featured in the paper's crossword puzzle, Maxwell decides to get a publicist to improve his image and make him more popular. Le père de Camilla Parker-Bowles a fait pleurer le prince Charles, Les dernières décisions de Trump à la Maison-Blanche, C à Vous (France 5) dévoile les coulisses du deepfake de Plus belle la vie ! Mike is very superstitious and blames Fran for losing the game when she wears red shoes to the stadium. Another difference they face is during the party following the opening on Maxwell and C.C. Partagez vos séries, films, livres, BDs, musiques When Fran gets Maggie smoking with her boyfriend, she pretends to smoke to Mr. Sheffield can teach her a lesson in front of Maggie, so she doesn't have to tell on Maggie and lose her trust. Mais avant de vous donner de leur nouvelles, nous vous annonçons qu'Une nounou d'Enfer a perdu l'un de ses membres il y a quelques années. Fran hosts a tea party for Maggie and her friends in order to make Maggie fit in, but Maxwell is worried that Fran's lack of class may ruin the sophisticated party. Needing extra money for Yetta's bridal shower, Fran is hired by to be Chester's dog walker. Heather has a really hard time memorizing the lines, and Fran doesn't think twice before jumping at the chance of finally stealing something from Heather: her daytime TV job. But did the red shoes really jinx the game? Fran inadvertently persuades an obnoxious child star, who's set to star in Maxwell's revival of "Oliver! Fran tries to convince Maxwell to let Niles take her, so they can call each other by their first names all weekend, but Max needs Niles there so he sends Fran instead. Fran wins, and Niles accuses her of seducing Mr. Sheffield to get what she wants. But in the last minute she changes her mind, and the two have a very exciting ping pong game instead. Maxwell gets scared of losing her and makes up a story about a dream he had where a ghost told him something horrible would happen to Fran if she didn't quit the Rosie Show. Everybody is happy for her (except for C.C.) Sylvia thinks Mai Ling will also come between Fran and Mr. Sheffield, but Fran finds out Mai Ling got engaged to Brighton to get a green card! Sylvia tells Fran she'll have to have it removed if she wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery when she dies; and Mr. Sehffield is dying to know where her tattoo is. Fran lies about her age to Professor Steve, and later pays the price when his astrologist tells him he should be with a woman in her mid-thirties – C.C.! Still, after Fran pays a visit to Lila Baker's huge mansion, Fran insists that she might be her daughter, since her late husband was Jewish, but the DNA test proofs not. Fran manages to convince the jury that the woman is not guilty, and finds out later that the man married the his employee. être envoyés. Her timing couldn't be worse when she starts ovulating right when Maxwell is up on the squares. Thinking Mr. Sheffield wants her to be her valentine, she puts up a billboard in Times Square. Mr. Sheffield thinks if he takes Fran to see the condo she'll accept the idea, and just when Fran finally realized how much peace she'd get from that, they discover there isn't any condo, only a swamp. feels left out and replaced by Fran, and Niles doesn't let the opportunity of teasing her go away, until she finally goes nuts and is taken to a mental hospital. But Fran doesn't listen to him until she finds out Philippe has made a pass on C.C. 's new play, a musical version of Norma Rae (1979). and Fran after Maxwell frees them from their prison. Bernard Alane song lyrics. That becomes an issue because Maxwell doesn't want anymore children, while Fran does. Fran is excited about the news of her pregnancy though Maxwell doesn't seem to want any more children. Mr. Sheffield is off to Paris. C.C. attacked to get a cab. A director plans to sabotage his production of "Romeo and Juliet" by casting Fran in the lead role. Fran is coaching Niles in his unappreciated courtship of C.C. Maxwell and C.C. plans to move into feature film production with a star vehicle for Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop. When Shari and Lamb Chop visit the Sheffield mansion, C.C. He also tells Fran not to help him with his science project, but of course Fran doesn't listen to him. She is so disgusted that she thinks of never seeing him again. Mr. Sheffield says he loves Fran. A cette occasion, Télé-Loisirs vous révèle que deviennent les acteurs qui ont fait la gloire d'Une nounou d'enfer ? Margo Lange, the famous actress, is starring in one of Maxwell's plays, and Ms. Fine disguises as a gardener so she can spy on them. Seeing Fran devastated, Mr. Sheffield decides to send her to a therapist, and the therapist says Fran has an obsession about getting married. Fran worries about her purse not matching her dress, but Mr. Sheffield assures her no one will notice. Maggie's 16th birthday is approaching and Fran intervenes in her father's plans for her party. Finally, after 5 long years, the wedding day has arrived. Mr. Sheffield doesn't like the idea of Fran leaving the house, so he sets up a scheme with Gracie to convince Fran into quitting her new job. While waiting in line, a very bumbling bank robber takes over the bank and makes Sylvia and Fran hostages. Fran goes out with the new temple cantor, Gary. Perfect is her cousin! Realistically, this forum allows both Fran and Maxwell to discuss deeper feelings around the issue. Jay Leno leaves his dog under the cares of Mr. Sheffield. C.C. Sylvia doesn't like the girl, for whom Fran and Val fight over, resulting in a split up between the two best friends. ", to give up show business. Terrified that her whole life might have been a lie, Fran invites the strange woman to her house, and for her surprise, she turns out to be black. Fran misses the mansion but doesn't want to give Mr. Sheffield the pleasure of being right. They both tryout their new personalities at a business dinner meeting. Meanwhile, she thinks that a fax of a potential client's heart-sensitive diet given to Niles is really for Maxwell. His mother wants him to talk to Nigel, his brother, who's spending his trust fund on a nightclub. Finally Niles calls her pathetic and lonely after which the Sheffields find them in bed together. The bank robber is so unprepared that he even forgets to put on the mask and accidentally reveals his name - Leslie Tilbett - and Fran ends up making friends with him. La série a été diffusée pendant six saisons, avant de s’arrêter en 1999. Fred doesn't think of himself as an exciting man, so Fran decides to teach him dance lessons. She dumps him and Mr. Sheffield takes Fran out to console her. Heather invites Fran and Val over to her Malibu beach house, where she can rub it on their faces how successful she is. He asks for $20,000 for Chester to be returned safe, and for that much money Fran and Val decide to take over the investigation and rescue Chester themselves, but of course they also end up being kidnapped. He brings Joan with him, his old secretary for whom he left Max's mother. It was filmed in 1993 at Culver Studios on 9336 W. Washington Blvd. This brief "Making Of The Nanny" retrospective includes interviews with a few of the cast and crew members, including Nicholle Tom, Fran Drescher, and others. Maxwell volunteers Fran to produce Gracie's school play. C.C. When Maxwell's mother wants him to get rid of Fran, Maxwell reacts by proposing to Fran who makes him feel very guilty for using her. jumps in as her agent, and Fran starts to have a taste of life as a celebrity. Ces 3 fivers qui aiment Une nounou d'enfer vous invitent à After Aunt Freida buys her parent's condo, the Fines move into the Sheffield mansion. Guest star: Brian Setzer. Yetta's got a new boyfriend, who's much younger than her (he's 60) and already proposed. Mr. Sheffield wants to buy himself some time before his relationship with Fran grows, so he asks Fran to redecorate the kitchen. She's so natural and funny that Rosie asks her to come on the show as a regular guest to give parenting advises. Maggie wants a new car, but since her father won't give her one she convinces Fran to enter a beauty pageant to win one for her. Fran ultimately becomes C.C. As Fran and Gracie are strolling in Central Perk, a man distracts them and steals Chester. Later, Grace admits her anger is not grief for missing her deceased mother, but anger at herself for not remembering anything about her mother. Un humour somme et efficace, C’est la série que je regardais avec ma maman. Fran decides to go after him and take advantage of the romantic scenario to solve their situation once and for all. Fran and Val go to The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Fran is picked out of the audience to talk to Rosie. She offers him chicken and opens her heart for him, giving him her address and offering him to drop by at anytime he feels hungry. Entrez dans l'univers de Catherine Le Gouès…. When C.C. They go shopping and touring around the city, after Maxwell has a horrible fight with Nigel. After Fran beats him in tennis, Maxwell is feeling old and goes out and buys a younger image and a sports car. While Fran is trying to convince Maggie not to get a tattoo, Val slips in front of everybody that Fran got herself a tattoo when they were teenagers. Fran Drescher, l'héroïne de la série, a fait part de sa tristesse en postant plusieurs messages sur Twitter : "Je me sens si triste à propos d'Annie. After listening to that, Maxwell decides he doesn't want Fran to sign any pre-nup, but the adoption papers that will make Fran the kid's mother. And when she decides to fly back to NY, she is surprised to see that her passport and clothes are missing, and there are guards at her door. Fran takes Gracie to the Loehmann's Semi Annual Red Star Clearance and has to fight over a green sweater with another woman. In major trouble, Fran has to turn the nerd gift wrapper into a music rapper in less than 24 hours to prove to Mr. Sheffield that she is not stupid. Télé-Loisirs vous propose de découvrir dans ce diaporama les looks actuels des anciens héros d’Une nounou d’enfer et de voir par la même occasion ce que sont devenus Fran Drescher, qui a récemment fait des confidences très intimes sur sa vie, mais qui ne désespère pas non plus de faire revenir un jour la série à la télé pour de nouveaux épisodes, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, alias Niles, le majordome, et ceux qui incarnaient les enfants, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury et Madeline Zima. After a few hours of wondering where she is (and remembering all the unique situations they all have been since Fran entered the house), Mr. Sheffield finds her at Roger Clinton's, where Fran pretends to have an offer from Hillary just to Mr. Sheffield would beg her to come home. Meanwhile, C.C. "The Nanny" is the self-titled pilot episode of the CBS television sitcom The Nanny. Sylvia throws a curse on Fran and everything starts to backfire until Fran donates the $500 she got from the air company to temple. Que sont ils devenus : Une Nounou d'Enfer Que sont devenus les acteurs de Une Nounou d'Enfer ? découvrir les fivorites de leur vie…, Voici le Top 5 des meilleures séries comiques, selon les fivers…. When she does, they learn that Dakota has finally finished his play after having his heart broken. Elle était la brillante interpète de ma grand-mère Yetta. Maxwell's sister arrives for the wedding and says their mother is not coming because she doesn't like Fran, which concerns Maxwell, but after awhile he gets over it, after realizing that it's not important. So they secretly ask for Sylvia's help, and Fran finally moves back to the mansion. doesn't get into Fran's swing of things until she dulls her pain by the copious amounts of wine at her disposal. are going to Boston for the weekend, but what originally started as a romantic getaway plan for C.C. After Brighton joins Sylvia's canasta team, Fran is dumped from it. Bored, the two have a few drinks and have their first romantic kiss after calling each other names. a dog for her birthday. Meanwhile, Niles goes through depression without having Ms. Babcock around to tease on; and Gracie gets scared she'll be sent away to a boarding school after a friend tells her it happened after her dad married her stepmother. Maxwell's father is in town and Fran decides to help end the Sheffield family feud inviting James Sheffield over for dinner. But they receive a phone call from NY saying that Niles just suffered a heart attack. Mr. Sheffield and C.C. She's very excited thinking he might take back taking back saying he loved her, but for her misery he only wanted to pay her extra money he got from tax refund. S04E26 Fran's Gotta Have It Regarder Mr. Sheffield is going to London to convince Celine Dion into doing Broadway. Discouraged by Mr. Sheffield, Fran decides to hand her lyrics to Tasha no matter what, and even passes herself as hotel maid with Val just to meet Tasha. He quickly proposes to her, something Mr. Sheffield thinks is quite suspicious since he doesn't have a green card. They decide to warm up a bird's eggs with lights and make a report on the birth, but Fran forget the lights on and the eggs hard boil. Fran receives a surprise when Sylvia sends in a long-lost "Win a Date With Erik Estrada" contest entry form. Meanwhile, C.C. at Fran's parents' house. Mother's Day is approaching, and as usual, Maxwell is trying to preoccupy the children so that they won't think about their mother, Sara. One day Grace accuses Fran of having accidentally killed her dear friend! Encore une série aux répliques / dialogues à l'humour ravageur. Doubtful, she thinks about her relationship with Maxwell, its past and its future. 0:26 [Deleted video] Mr. Sheffield is going to London to convince Celine Dion into doing Broadway. Everybody visits Hollywood and Fran keeps getting thrown off the Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman set. Maxwell's old nanny comes to visit and complains about Fran's job as a nanny. La comédienne Ann Morgan Guilbert, qui a incarné le légendaire personnage de grand-mère Yetta, est décédée le mardi 14 juin 2016, à Los Angeles, à la suite d'un cancer.

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